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Higher resolution, increased detail – the VR01 represents a step in quality in all areas.

Grand Prix 1991

One of the most important reasons for switching to using texture baking to generate shadow maps was to have a method that is completely repeatable – something absolutely necessary for doing multiple cars to a high standard. With this in mind further refinements to my methods were made for the creation of two 1991 Grand Prix cars – the Jordan 191 and Ferrari 643.

Audi R10 TDI

First things first – an LMP, by area, has a lot of bodywork! With no limitations on resolution in place I was able to split the liveries across two textures to maximise definition.


Showcased here are some car liveries from various stages in development along with cockpit and steering wheel textures. Much was learned during the multi-year development cycle which included many technique, style and workflow improvements.

Helmet Textures

A selection of helmets I have painted for my Arai GP5 helmet model. Helmets are often more challenging than vehicle liveries as many drivers have airbrushed designs of high complexity.

Riley MKXI

Early experiments with texture baking in 3dsMax to generate ambient occlusion (shadow) maps. Generally more consistent and certainly far less time consuming than hand drawing everything!