Audi R10 TDI

First things first – an LMP, by area, has a lot of bodywork! With no limitations on resolution in place I was able to split the liveries across two textures to maximise definition.

Each car livery is made up of one 2048×2048 and one 2048×1024 texture map, though it could have been kept to one texture had this been necessary. While because of this splitting I ended up with sharp logos and detailed textures, it’s not something I would do again as it made managing the multiple liveries and car specifications from the three years of works R10s an absolute nightmare! Lesson learned.


Combined livery, LMS 2008 #1, Capello/McNish


Car bodywork shadow maps


“Detail” texture (L) and shadow map (R), includes texture elements that are shared between all car variants – front splitter, rear valance, rear crash structure, radiators, rear wings supports etc. A combination of drawn elements and parts edited from photographs.

Renders and screenshots of the R10 TDI can be seen here.