Higher resolution, increased detail – the VR01 represents a step in quality in all areas.

3D renders of this project are available here.


Click for downsized 1024×1024 version. A full, 4096×4096 png can be downloaded here.


Unliveried version of the carbody texture map, with wireframe overlay. Shadows can be baked at a lower intensity if required.


Cropped sections of the suspension (100%) and floor (resized to 50%) maps, metal fittings and gold heat shielding are in evidence.


The VR01 is powered by Cosworth’s CA2010 powerplant and is accurately recreated here. Other parts on this texture include the exhausts, gearbox, springs/dampers/linkages, airbox and raditors. Click the above image for 1024×1024 version.


Virgin’s bespoke steering wheel, featuring accurate carbon weaves and mode dials/switches. The dash is the standard McLaren Electronic Systems unit, used by all teams in the Formula 1 World Championship and is textured accordingly.


High resolution F1 Bridgestone Potenza slick tyres


Two sets of sidewall textures, the green stripe denotes the softer “option” compound while the standard black sidewall is the harder “prime” compound. The little Bridgestone/Potenza arrows are always supposed to face the front of the car, hence there being two textures for each compound.


Some full resolution details cropped from various texture maps. Lots of different carbon fibre weaves, utilising my own custom carbon textures.

As mentioned in the 3D section, the VR01 has run in many specifications/variations, such is the ever-changing nature of Formula 1. In order to create an accurate replica, and to be able to track these changes, I created a spreadsheet detailing what spec each car ran in at each race (up to the Valencia GP), along with notes on livery changes. A screengrab of this can be viewed by clicking here.