Grand Prix 1991

One of the most important reasons for switching to using texture baking to generate shadow maps was to have a method that is completely repeatable – something absolutely necessary for doing multiple cars to a high standard. With this in mind further refinements to my methods were made for the creation of two 1991 Grand Prix cars – the Jordan 191 and Ferrari 643.

That’s not to say that these cars are critique free, there’s always room for improvement and a couple areas highlighted themselves during the (short!) timespan of this project.


Jordan 191 livery


Ferrari 643 livery

It should be noted that both cars have no sponsor stickers, this is how they were requested to be by the client. Somewhat conversely the tyres are Goodyear-branded, however, as are elements in the cockpits.

Full size livery texture maps can be downloaded in JPG format here: Jordan and Ferrari


The baked layers had to be at a slightly lowered opacity as in many areas the rendered shadows were simply too dark! Something to be improved in further projects by better lighting in the render scene.


Mechanical parts were textured in much the same way as other “detail” maps, baked shadow maps over various material textures (metals, carbon fibre, some solid colours etc). As with the cockpits the baked layer here had to be at a lowered opacity, and for the same reasons.


Tyre textures were based on those created for the CART cars, but with obvious changes to the branding and sidewall depth as Formula 1 tyres are a higher profile than their CART counterparts.

Renders and screenshots of the GP91 cars can be viewed here.