Formula Retro

New for Game Stock Car 2013, Formula Retro comprises two cars – the 1975-inspired Reiza GP75 and the 1976 Copersucar-Fittipaldi FD04. Both utilise an exceptionally detailed engine and gearbox model, high detail cockpits and advanced damage modelling.

MINI Challenge John Cooper Works

The MINI Challenge is famous worldwide for its close, intense racing. This digital recreation was added to Game Stock Car 2012 in the 1.1 update, and also features in GSC2013/Extreme.

Chevrolet Camaro SS

Initially developed as a pace car for the Stock Car V8 series in GSC2012, the Chevrolet Camaro SS became a fully drivable vehicle for the release version, and was improved through updated shaders in GSC2013.

JL Industria G09

The JL G09 is the spec chassis used in Stock Car Brasil. Powered by a 500hp V8 engine, it has two distinct, aerodynamically-balanced body styles for manufacturers Chevrolet and Peugeot.

McLaren MP4/6

High resolution, high detail build of Ayrton Senna’s 1991 championship-winning McLaren Honda MP4/6

Game Stock Car 2013

A sequel to GSC2012, released in late 2013. Simulates the 2013 Stock Car Brasil season, and introduces a raft of new content in several new vehicle classes.

Formula Truck 2013

A standalone update for Formula Truck which in truth was more of a sequel than an update. Numerous improvements were made to the game over the 2012 iteration – as well as bringing the full 2013 field of trucks to virtual life, a new shader model with vastly improved lighting was implemented which necessitated a full re-export of every vehicle mesh and updates to most core textures. And of course lots of new models were created to replicate the chassis and bodywork changes from 2012 to 2013.

Formula Truck

Simulation of the 2012 Formula Truck series. A massive overhaul of some pre-existing content developed for a 2010 iteration along with some brand new models, and all-new interiors for the ingame cockpit views.

Game Stock Car 2012

The first of several releases from Reiza Studios for which I was Lead Vehicle Artist. Duties included the creation of new content, overhauling of older content and managing a small team of other artists to set and maintain standards.

Formula Sirocco FS11

A visual update to the FS01, to update the look of the car to be more modern in terms of proportions.

Formula Sirocco FS01

A bespoke creation for Online Racing Championship, the FS01 is a GP2-style vehicle created with an emphasis on art efficiency.

Virgin Racing VR01

The VR01 is the first Formula 1 car designed entirely in the digital domain, and replaces the need for a physical wind tunnel with a reliance on computational fluid dynamics. What better car to bring back into the digital world?

Jordan 191 & Ferrari 643

1991 Grand Prix cars. Created from scratch to completion in two weeks as a showcase for a client.


A few cars from the archives which didn’t quite get the finishing they probably deserve…

CART Factor

Screenshots and information from the project the CART models were created for, Racing Line Developments’ CART Factor simulation. As RLD co-founder and development lead this is a project I was heavily involved in. Released in August 2009, CART Factor has been downloaded in excess of 20000 times and is used by individuals and online racing leagues all over the world.

CART Renders

A full field of cars from the 1998 CART season from chassis manufacturers Reynard, Swift, Penske and Lola.

Audi R10 TDI

The Audi R10 TDI project charts the evolution of this now historic sportscar from its first shakedown in November 2005 to the end of the 2008 season. Featuring all the works machines from the Le Mans 24 Hours, American Le Mans Series, and the Le Mans Series plus some adapted “classic” liveries from the Audi R8 FSI.

Lexus Riley MKXI

Initially created for a proposed simulation of the GrandAm Rolex Sports Car Series by the now-defunct D3 development team. The Riley MKXI was due to be modelled in several variants, as the bodywork (particularly the front-end) is different depending on the engine manufacturer. With the project shutting down only the Lexus version was completed.

Ferrari F310

The first Ferrari Formula 1 car Michael Schumacher raced. Created in 2006, this marked my final model created in zModeler before making the switch to 3D Studio Max.

Minardi PS04B Cosworth

This 2004 Minardi was created for the 2004 season set in early 2005 and textured by Ross Hunter. Just like the real car it was later modified into an early-season 2005 variant.

Jordan 195 Peugeot

My first digital vehicle replica, created towards the end of 2004. It was modeled in zModeler and textured in Paint Shop Pro 5. Released as part of the 1995 Season addon for Geoff Crammond’s Grand Prix 4.