Formula Retro

New for Game Stock Car 2013, Formula Retro comprises two cars – the 1975-inspired Reiza GP75 and the 1976 Copersucar-Fittipaldi FD04. Both utilise an exceptionally detailed engine and gearbox model, high detail cockpits and advanced damage modelling.

The Reiza GP75 was fully developed by myself, and given a full field of period-style liveries and helmet paints by Dave Ellis using my templates.

The Copersucar FD04 was modelled by Ales Ogrinc, re-using the mechanical parts created by me for the GP75 car. After taking delivery of the raw model, I detailed the cockpit to standard and handled the rest of the development process, from uv mapping through texturing to game export. Livery layout (bird vectors) by myself, finished off with logos, pinstripe and helmet by Dave Ellis.


Mechanical detail