Game Stock Car 2012

The first of several releases from Reiza Studios for which I was Lead Vehicle Artist. Duties included the creation of new content, overhauling of older content and managing a small team of other artists to set and maintain standards.

—distributed development—


GSC2012 was ostensibly an update to the original Game Stock Car, however a lot of the content was all-new. The headline car, the JL Industria GL09 Stock Car V8, was entirely remodelled to a higher standard, with brand new textures for an altogether more realistic and immersive experience.

External old/External new/Interior old/Interior new:

Stock Car V8 liveries – 6 skins by myself, as well as numerous helmets and all cockpit textures. Remaining liveries painted by Fabio Pittol using templates created by myself. Several team specific dashboard sponsor layouts by Dave Ellis. All other textures, as well as all 3D work, game export and optimisation for a 30+ car field by myself.

A new pace car was created, the Chevrolet Camaro SS, along with a playable road-going variant. The Formula Reiza (modern Grand Prix) and Formula 3 cockpits were completely retextured to bring them up to standard, and full fields of liveries were created by Dave Ellis to give players a properly sized grid of vehicles to compete against. The Formula Classic (1980s Grand Prix) also received some minor updates, including new liveries, tyre textures and a small cockpit update.

Promo screenshots

As part of the 1.1 update, the MINI Challenge car was added:

Modelled after the Brazilian MINI Challenge series, the front headlights were just blanks with stickers as per the real car. The series folded before the release of GSC2013, which allowed for the addition of working 3D headlights.